What is SigFox?

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Modified on: Tue, 15 Dec, 2020 at 6:19 PM

Our XSeries Locators use a brand new wireless network called SigFox. 

Available in over 70 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, SigFox has been built specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Read more about Sigfox in this easy-to-read Sigfox Introductory Brochure

Many companies use Sigfox - for example DHL use more than 250,000 Sigfox devices for tracking.  The Sigfox network, paired with our MyTag XSeries Hardware, software and services, enables us to deliver unparalleled battery life compared to any other GPS tracker on the market. 

You can see the Australian coverage for Sigfox at the following web page.  Once on the page, pick Australia, then zoom into your local area.  Click here to get to the page. 

For a detailed assessment of the coverage in your location use our Sigfox Coverage Checker with your address. 

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