MyTag GPS Locators - Basics on how they work

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GPS Positions

Each MyTag Locator finds its location by using GPS Satellites.  Then it sends that location to our cloud servers over the SigFox IoT network.  Our servers send the location to your MyTagX App, or to your account on the web portal, where you can see it displayed on a map. 

Intelligent Updates

If the Locator stays still, we only update the location once per day.  But accelerometers in the unit detect if it moves, then we update more frequently so you know when it moves and where it stops.

Finding Position when GPS not available

The XTrakR and XPress Locators even work when GPS is not available.  This is great when they go indoors or other places where GPS satellites cannot be seen.  XTrakR and XPress detect the strongest WiFi signal, sending the Wifi router unique ID to our cloud servers via SigFox.  We then use the unique ID, together with a global wifi location database, to find out where your Locator is, and send this location to your MyTagX App and portal. 

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