MyTag XSeries GPS Locator Operation - what to expect

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MyTag XSeries locators operate differently to conventional 3G GPS Trackers.  XSeries uses the Sigfox Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) designed for the Internet of Things.  We also carefully optimise when the locator sends an update.  This is how we ensure you get battery life in months or years, not days. 

XTraK location updates happen if: 

  1. XTraK accelerometers detect movement, AND
  2. It has been at least 9 minutes since the last update, AND
  3. the GPS shows it has moved more than 100 metres since the last update

XPress and XTrakR location updates happen if: 

  1. XPress/XtrakR accelerometers detect movement, AND
  2. It has been at least 9 minutes (or a user set interval) since the last update. 

This way the XSeries locators only have to use their battery power to send an update if they have moved.  Additionally the XTraK has an extra check to see if it has moved more than 100 metres, as this further helps increase battery life. 

The Sigfox network is so efficient  because devices do not have to continually communicate with all nearby cell towers like they would using a 3G or 4G mobile phone network.  Instead the device simply sends each location 3 times and its picked up by any and all Sigfox cell towers that are in range of the XSeries device.   

Note that if there are no cell towers in range a particular location, then the location update may not be received.  In this case you will see a time gap in your location history.  However, your XSeries locator will keep sending updates as it moves, so the location will be updated whenever the device is in range. 

If you find that you are often missing locations in areas where the coverage checker says there is SigFox coverage, you may consider moving the XSeries device to a different location within the asset you are protecting, where there is less metal or other objects to interfere with GPS satellites signals coming in, and Sigfox signals going out. 

You can use the coverage checker for any address by clicking here. 

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