What is MyTag Leak Guard?

Created by: Lee Finniear

Modified on: Sun, 13 Sep, 2020 at 4:05 PM

MyTag Leak Guard detects if there is a water or fluid leak.  If there is it contacts you by SMS and phone wherever you are, so you can deal with it quickly. 

The device is a small white plastic box, with a separate sensor that you place where a leak is likely. 

If the sensor detects moisture or liquid, MyTag Leak Guard sends an urgent message over the SigFox wireless IoT Network. 

Our systems get that message and then send you an urgent SMS.  If you don't respond we send more SMS messages, and if you still havent responded after a few minutes - our system will phone you to tell you there is a leak and you have to act fast. 

MyTag Leak Guard is unique as its battery lasts 10 years - giving you complete peace of mind.  You don't need a SIM card, WiFi network or mobile data plan for the device, so its completely independent of other household systems. 

MyTag Leak Guard is available with a single sensor or dual sensors.  Dual sensors are ideal for the kitchen sink and dishwasher, for example. 

Check your Sigfox network coverage before purchase. 

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