Attaching the Magnets to the XTrak and XTrakR

Created by: Lee Finniear

Modified on: Tue, 2 Feb, 2021 at 4:30 PM

We have been asked a few times how to attach the included magnets to the XTraK and XTrakR

We will make a video on this, but until we do here are the steps to attach them: 

  1. Take off the little rubber covers from the top ends of the casing
  2. The magnet has a recessed side and a flat side. Put the bolt into the recessed side so the bevelled head fits into the recess
  3. Slide the end of the bolt into the hole at the bottom of the case, so the end of the bolt can be seen when you look into the hole from the top (where you took out the rubber cover)
  4. Drop the nut into the top of the hole (the hole is hexagonal to grip the nut)
  5. use a screwdriver to turn the bolt from below so it engages the nut, then tighten it until the magnet is secure
  6. Replace the rubber cover
  7. Repeat for the other side
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