Finding a place to put your XSeries Locators

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Modified on: Wed, 7 Apr, 2021 at 11:28 AM

We have had some questions about where to put the XSeries Locators in a caravan or car

The units will work inside a caravan or car within reason.  My own experience is that I have XTraKs working fine in the following locations: 

  1. In the wheel well of an Audi TT
  2. Magnetically attached to the wheel jack in the rear quarter panel compartment in my sons Celica (inside the panel) 
  3. Magnetically mounted to the underside of my Pajero towing hitch (I did this for a trial for 50kms - now I keep it in the centre console)

They work fine in all these locations, so you don't need to have it with free and clear open sky.  

However, I wouldn't put it under the drivers seat for example (as I know my butt absorbs most GPS signals before they can get to the unit !!!) 

Also - if your coverage is Limited or just okay, your Locator has to work hard to get its signal to a Sigfox cell site.  So you have to be particularly careful about where you put your unit if you want it to work. 

Try to give your XSeries a sporting chance. A bit of metal or plastic in the way is not too much of an issue, but  remember the unit trying to receive precise signals from GPS satellites, and also trying to get its own messages out to the Sigfox network where the cell sites can be up to 100Km away. The less stuff in the way of those signals the more reliable your XTraK will be. 

So try some difference hiding places, and see what works for you.  

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