How to set up a Geofence

Created by: Lee Finniear

Modified on: Fri, 4 Jun, 2021 at 2:56 PM

You can set up a geofence using your App or on the Portal. 

  1. On the App pick your XTraK and you will see a map.  

  2. Pull up the bottom tab and you will see several menu options 

  3. Pick Geofences
  4. Hit the + button to add a geofence
  5. Enter an address or pick "use your current location" 
  6. You will see a map with a circle centred on your address or current location
  7. Use your fingers to zoom the map out if you want to increase the radius of the geofence, or zoom it in to decrease the radius
  8. Hit Save
  9. Then hit "add an alert now" 
  10. Add your email addresses (replacing the example
  11. Press the + button to the right of the email address
  12. You can add more than one email address by repeating the above 2 line items
  13. Press "Save on the top right of the screen

Your geofence and alert is now set up.
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