Replacing your XTraK Battery

Created by: Lee Finniear

Modified on: Fri, 4 Jun, 2021 at 3:09 PM

When your XTrak battery finally expires, we will be offering a new replacement battery for purchase on our website.

The battery is a specific high power unit which is not available from other sources.  We anticipate it will cost around $35. 

The battery is user replaceable.  To replace the battery you undo the 6 screws in the bottom of the case and pull apart the case.  The battery inside can be clearly seen.  It has a plug which can be removed, and the battery can be disposed of carefully.  The new battery can then be plugged back into the same socket and the case can then be replaced and the screws reattached. 

You will then need to power up the unit in accordance with the start-up instructions here: 

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