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If you have a problem connecting or using your MyTag, please complete the following checks and steps in the order listed below.   These solve 80% of our customer’s problems without you needing to contact our Customer Support team.


Once you have completed these steps, if you problem persists, please contact us via our Contact Page to describe the issue and we contact you to help solve the problem.





Have you pressed the MyTag unit button for at least 5 seconds to activate your MyTag? 


Press the MyTag Button now – can you see a blue light flash behind the MyTag Button?


If you do not see a blue light flash - please press the MyTag unit button for 7 seconds.  If you do not hear any beeps or see any blue light flash, insert the spare battery and then press the MyTag button for at least 7 seconds until you hear beeps or see a blue light flash. If you still see no blue light or hear no beeps please contact us immediately via chat or open a support ticket to receive a replacement MyTag.







Have you downloaded the correct App? – Our App is called MyTag Finder and has the following App Icon. If you have the incorrect App, your MyTag will not work.

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:fw:33_rrr653x11n9zd4qc5kdcr0000gn:T:com.skitch.skitch:DMDB7FCB789-3259-4AE5-B41D-C732BD047DAC:MyTag_App_Icon_Options_pptx.jpg


Is Bluetooth switched on in your phone settings?  


If you have not installed the correct App, please delete any app you have installed then search for “MyTag Finder” in the App store.  Make sure your phone spell checker doesn't alter the search phrase before you click “search”

Alternatively use these links: 



Or simply use these QR Codes with your phone camera:

iOS Devices

Android Devices

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If you have followed the steps above you are ready to re-try connecting your MyTag to your phone.  Press the Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:fw:33_rrr653x11n9zd4qc5kdcr0000gn:T:com.skitch.skitch:DMDEBA5E5DC-9888-4D4B-8BB7-B6919301CF7E:IMG_1239_PNG.jpg button at the top left, then the Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:fw:33_rrr653x11n9zd4qc5kdcr0000gn:T:com.skitch.skitch:DMDC8278E52-E2ED-4AD3-8FC7-69B46018114A:IMG_1240_PNG.jpg button at the bottom left of the new screen to pair your MyTag with the App. The App should then list your MyTag. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PAIR YOUR MYTAG DIRECTLY USING YOUR PHONE BLUETOOTH SETTINGS



If your MyTag doesn't show up on the App MyTag list, repeat the search up to 3 times


If your MyTag still doesn't appear, confirm that you have not already paired your MyTag to a different phone.  This can happen accidentally if you, family or friends are pairing other MyTags to a different phone within range of your MyTag.  


Double check your MyTag has power by pressing the button on the MyTag and looking for the blue light flash, and double check that your phone’s Bluetooth is on.


If your MyTag is still not appearing in the list – delete the app, reboot your phone (turn the phone completely off and then back on so it reboots), then reinstall the app, check your phone bluetooth is switched on, and repeat steps 5 and 6.  


If your MyTag still does not connect please contact us via our Contact Page to explain what is happening so we can assist.







If you cannot find your MyTag using your phone, it may be because you haven’t selected the MyTag you are looking for, your MyTag is out of range, or because the MyTag is inside or underneath something that means you cannot hear it.


Press the Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:fw:33_rrr653x11n9zd4qc5kdcr0000gn:T:com.skitch.skitch:DMDEBA5E5DC-9888-4D4B-8BB7-B6919301CF7E:IMG_1239_PNG.jpg button and make sure you select the MyTag you are looking for from the list.     Then go back to the main screen and press the MyTag alert button at the bottom of the screen.


If you cannot hear your MyTag, check the main screen on the App – if the App shows your chosen MyTag as CONNECTED, watch the Signal strength indicator and move – the strength will either go up or down.

 Continue to move in a direction that makes the signal strength increase.  Re-press the MyTag button at the bottom of the screen every time the button stops flashing.  This makes the Audible Alert sound again on your MyTag.  As you get closer you should hear your MyTag Alert to help you find your MyTag.


If your App shows your chosen MyTag is DISCONNECTED – move around your house or location until it connects. Then press the MyTag alert button at the bottom of the main screen.


If your MyTag remains DISCONNECTED it means that you are not coming into the range of your MyTag.     It may be that you lost your MyTag somewhere else.  


If you find your MyTag and it still shows on the App as DISCONNECTED, please delete your MyTag from the MyTag list on the App, Check your MyTag (Steps 1 & 2 above), and re-pair your MyTag with the App (steps 5 -10 above).


If your MyTag still does not connect please contact us via our Contact Page to explain what is happening so we can assist.







If you cannot find your Phone using your MyTag, its because either:

  • The MyTag Finder App is not running in the background on your phone
  • You are out of range of your phone
  • Your phone has run out of charge or is switched off
  • Your phone is switched to “Silent” and you happen have a brand of Android phone that does not allow us to override the “Silent” switch


Once you find your phone, check the following:

  • That your MyTag is paired to your phone and is connected
  • That you leave your MyTag Finder App running in the background on your phone (this means you do not close the app down when you open another App)


When you have your MyTag next to your phone, check the phone alert works by pressing the button on the MyTag.  


If you have an Android Phone, it may be disabling the bluetooth connection to save power, please check the following for how to change your phone settings:  Android Phone Settings




If you still have a problem after following this guide, or if you have a different issue with your MyTag, please contact us via our website chat or by opening a support ticket. 

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